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Celebrate children's birthdays in style! KRAZE Fitness Birthday Parties are specially designed for boys and girls of all ages, including teens. We are party experts who create exciting events that are filled to the brim with birthday activities that get everyone involved. What better way to say 'Best Wishes' than with a memorable day of fun for all, that really gets children interacting and feeling good about themselves. We believe in praise, encouragement and happiness so your child really shines on his or her birthday!

Birthdays Are Special &
So is Every Child!

Worried that a birthday party at home might equal bored or left-out kids? Not to mention the responsibility and mess! Don't want the extra job of buying and cooking party food? Stuck for ideas on what to do and how to keep a houseful of excitable children entertained without them running wild?

KRAZE Fitness Birthday Parties are structured so you don't have to be. On the day you can simply join in the fun and share in your child's joy. We take care of snacks and add in gift opening time, as well as games galore. We even add a unique twist by showing kids some cool martial arts moves!

You're Invited to the Best Birthday Party in Town!


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